Are You Ready to Wean?

21 September 2017, Comments: 0

“The simple intention to surrender control is all you need to experience miracles.” ~Gabrielle Bernstein, The Universe Has Your Back

If you’ve committed to re-feeding and re-hydrating your body, as well as making many of the necessary daily changes to support your recovery, it’s time to start thinking about weaning yourself from the binge/purge cycle.


Yes, it might be time.

Even if you have just an ounce of willingness, you’re on the right track. Recovery is a journey. Be gentle but firm with yourself during this stage.

To support the weaning process, it will be helpful to get in touch with what bulimia is providing for you and what it is costing you.

Often the pain of staying the same has to be more acute than the pain of changing for us to take action. Doing a cost/benefit analysis and seeing it in black and white can help amp up the staying-the-same pain meter.

In your recovery journal, list all the things you get from your eating disorder. Be brutally honest. No one will see this list except you. Then list the costs. How is your eating disorder holding you back from upgrading your life? Be gentle with yourself here. Remember, there have been valid reasons for your behaviors. Most importantly, remind yourself that you are on the path to freedom. Try to have no regrets, just hope. You have used your eating disorder as a survival tactic, and it has worked so far. But it’s losing its efficacy, yes? It’s getting increasingly costly rather than beneficial.

Really ponder your list.

Let it sink into your heart.

Allow the price of your bulimia to penetrate to such a degree that you begin to see its devastating, life draining lies. Moments during the weaning process will seem excruciating—these are the times to pull out your list.

Ask yourself, “Is bulimia really worth giving up all these things?”

I promise you, it isn’t.

Stay tuned next post for some practical tips on weaning yourself from behaviors. Or you can request a copy of the free Rather than Rehab eBook through the contacts page if you can’t wait! 

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