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Client Testimonials

*Addiction recovery coaching is a pretty confidential gig, so all names have been deleted. But these are verbatim client comments. It would be super bad juju to falsify these! 

“Hi Lori! Each session with you inspired me to believe in myself and my capacity to change and I would not be in such a stable, happy, and grounded place if it was not for you. You continued to inspire and encourage me each and every time we talked and helped me to commit to very stable practices of living. I have changed my relationship with my health, and I got a great job in my desired field. I am eternally grateful for the support you have given me and I will forever see you as one of my role models and mentors- you’re up there with Louise L. Hay and Maya Angelou for me. I resonated and trusted you immediately and saw so much of myself reflected in your stories of vulnerability and strength. I will always carry the lessons you gave me forward into my life. Thank you for being such a strong and inspiring woman- you have changed me for the better and I am eternally grateful.”

“This has been my best recovery year yet, and I wanted you to know that your coaching worked! Whatever you kick started in me…. seems to be working subconsciously or otherwise. Your coaching has had a long lasting effect. I feel like a kid who’s been shown how to ride a bike, and I can’t wait to take the training wheels off, no matter the bruises that might come.”

“Thanks Lori! I booked the music video! Also I wanted to share this photo with you, it’s from my shoot last week. I love how you can see how HAPPY I am to be there doing what I love. I have you to thank for SO much of that.”

“Don’t ever change your line of work, Lori. You truly have a gift that I am sure didn’t just alter my life, but many others you have coached.”

“I know we have thanked you, but really, I don’t know how to truly thank you. I am emotional just writing this. The transformation that our daughter has gone through is so remarkable and so amazing to have witnessed. She is so confident, open, thoughtful and just so fun to be around. We have you to thank for all of that. Never, ever, after all the different treatments she has had, did I ever think she would be where she is today. I was hopeful, but so many programs didn’t work for her, it was such a constant let down. Until you came along.” 

“For years I have been looking for someone to believe in me. You are that person. You have changed my life.”

“Thank you, Lori, for always been there for me without any judgment. I look up to you more than anyone I know and I seriously can’t ever repay you for the patience and work you’ve contributed to my journey and how significant it’s helped me. There’s no way I’d be where I am without you.”

“We tell so many people about you. Without you, we know our daughter would not be where she is. We are so thankful for you and all you do to help those struggling The change in her has been amazing.”

“I was on a high after chatting to you. Just what I needed!”

“You have truly helped save our son. I never thought, in such a short time of coaching from you, that he would be in the place he is now. We are so grateful for you and will forever be thankful for all you have done to save him from such a downward spiral.”

“I love your method of coaching. Very authentic, poignant and transformational!”

“The gift I feel from you Lori, is your inquisitive heart and how gentle and open you are. I feel comfortable, safe and, most of all, truly heard.”

“Lori created a very safe place to be open and honest, and that’s not normal for me.”

“It’s always a super refreshing and soothing experience talking to you! I was slowly killing myself, but you have really helped me get back on a better path! Thank you, Lori.”

“Our conversations fill me with hope and excitement about the future – thank you.”  

“Thank you for the immense help you’ve given me. I am so inspired by your words and your powerful, free, and kind presence. Thank you also for the inspiring and supportive texts you sent through that difficult lapse I just went through. By not judging me, I felt a lot less shame and the texts really helped me glean important lessons from what I thought was a full on face plant. You truly pulled me out of the ashes! Finally, most of all, thank you so much for taking on the Herculean task of gaining freedom from your own addictions. Without that brave and generous act, the hope I now have for a vitally different future would have never been possible. I am realizing more and more the tremendous effort it is going to take–but if you did it, I can do it. And if I can do it, ANYTHING is possible! With sincere gratitude and love.”

“You have influenced me in many ways. The way I handle conflicts (Safe Souls) and try to take responsibility and own things. I love how you figure something important and then put it out there for people. It inspired me to do the same. This is not only a gratitude e-mail, mainly I just realized today that you might not know what kind of influence you had on my life and in a profound and important way.”

“I have some pretty mind-blowing news. I made it through 30 days totally free of alcohol and purging. Every day you are on my gratitude list! Thank you for making this new life possible. You were right, it is so awesome.”

“I want to thank you so very much for your insight into my problems and concerns, and your excellent advice re my issues. It’s amazing how one can realize something on an intellectual level, and yet when I comes to applying that to your own personal concerns, it takes on a whole different nature. Maybe, because of my husband’s issues, I was feeling personally responsible for ALL of his actions, but you helped me to realize that is not necessary. That realization has been so freeing, and lifted a huge burden from my shoulders. Thank you, thank you. I am deeply grateful.”

“Thanks for your message. Your emails are so thoughtful, and reassuring. I appreciate you being in our lives more than words can say. Your ongoing support has been a godsend. (And that coming from an atheist.)”

“I have seen a HUGE change, for the better, since our daughter has been working with you! She has been very grateful for things we have done for her, which in the past, she would barely acknowledge. She is more talkative, honest and open with us. I personally, couldn’t be more happy with her progress and we owe a lot to you!”

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You can do this! You and your dreams are worth it. 

Much love,