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“Lori Losch has written a very practical, very personal, and essential book; a step by step guide through the process of recovery, with a deep appreciation and compassion for each person’s timing and profound individual differences. For anyone struggling to overcome bulimia, to master their own recovery, and their own lives, I cannot recommend this wonderful book highly enough.”
– Joel F. Wade, Ph.D., Author of Mastering Happiness, Aptos, CA

“Addiction is addiction. Whether a person turns to food, drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling – or any other self-destructive behavior they can’t seem to stop – it’s still all about pain avoidance. In Rather than Rehab, Lori offers 10 strategies that will be helpful for anyone struggling to overcome the ravages of addictive behavior. As a matter of fact, these strategies are great for anyone looking to upgrade their life. You will be enriched by reading this book!”
– Jon Butcher, Founder of Lifebook and Artists for Addicts, Chicago, IL

“What Lori has done, blending lessons learned on her way to recovery with what has worked repeatedly with the women she coaches, will surely illuminate the paths of may in lasting and truly transformative ways—so much so, that I am eager to share Rather than Rehab with colleagues who teach in Health Sciences, so that they can use it in their classes with students pursuing careers in Addictions, Health Education and Wellness.”
– Wendy L. Yost, Distinguished Professor, California State University, Northridge, CA

“Upon first glance, Lori’s photo is of beauty, perfection and happiness. Perfect Lori. This is an incredible story of a “Life Left of Perfect.” We all have our own paths to recovery, but let her share her experience and her journey with you. In Rather than Rehab, she gives practical tools to start healing your relationship with food and your body. Shame seems to thrive in our secrets and Lori has so bravely shown us an alternative. It was a riveting read and I look forward to sharing it with the many people I know who are suffering!”
– Cathie Cline,
Mother of two and Realtor, Vancouver, BC

“Addiction is an ultimate loss of freedom. It’s a loss of control over your life and we are all struggling with finding our freedom. I love that Lori’s book is a quest to help people regain the freedom they lost due to eating disorders. I could not imagine a better guide than her.”
– Juraj Bednár, Founder of DIGMA, Bratislava, Slovakia

“While I haven’t struggled with an eating disorder myself, I am close with people who have. Rather than Rehab has given me a structured way of understanding the more emotional, big-picture issues associated with the addiction of bulimia, and the freedom exercises arm me with questions to help reach out in a more supportive way than any book on the topic I have read before. Lori’s honest, personal experience is woven throughout the pages, making this a must-read for anyone who wants to feel like they’re not alone as they navigate the road to recovery.”
– Sara Blanchard, Mother of two daughters and bestselling author and founder of Flex Mom, Denver, CO

“With vulnerability, raw truth and practical, powerful tools, Lori brings the experience of bulimia out of isolation and shame, and into the heart, where we can find a path to healing, connection and freedom.”
– Jaime Myers, Founder of Shine Life Design, Scottsdale, AZ

“Lori’s courageous personal account of her struggles and ultimate triumph not only sheds light on the causes of bulimia, but she offers up useful tips on how to break the vicious cycle. I recommend this book to anyone seeking answers for any health issue because she paints the broader picture of good health and happiness, which at its heart is the ultimate union of Self with God.
– Steve Ozanich, Author of The Great Pain Deception, and the #1 Amazon bestseller Back Pain, Permanent Healing: Understanding the Myths, Lies, and Confusion, Warren, OH

“I was drawn to this book because of its intriguing title. I have tried it all and came to learn that recovery comes from a strong desire within as well as with being equipped with the right tools. Rather than Rehab is filled with practical, daily strategies. I already feel more empowered and I’m looking forward to upgrading my life by putting more of these suggestions into practice.”
– Anonymous

“Lori Losch writes with compassion, love and the raw experience of being bulimic. She holds the reader’s hand and gives practical, straightforward tools to disengage the “crazy dance” of bulimia. A must read for anyone who has bulimia or knows someone with an eating disorder.”
– Ro Rusnock, Founder of Elements and Energy, Phoenix, AZ

Rather than Rehab is a brave, deeply honest, soul-searching, poignant, and thorough examination of this dastardly addiction. Yet I love how Lori also embraced it because at a point it helped her to survive, and consequently learn and grow. This is a most powerful message for those still struggling. Other sufferers will be lucky to have Lori in their world.”
– Sandra Pais, Mother, yogi and health advocate, Vancouver, BC

“As both a former bulimic and a wellness educator who teaches people how to partner with their body/mind, I can attest that Lori Losch has done an outstanding job of sharing the truth of what it’s like to battle bulimia and win. Her recommendations, exercises, and workbook are solid support to help you lovingly shift from pain and shame to peace and partnering with your incredible true Self. Kudos to you Lori, and to every person who says yes to reading and applying this book!”
– Kathleen Gramzay, BCTMB, Author of Release Your Pain, Expand Your Life! and Developer of the Kinessage® Release Your Pain Self-Care System, Scottsdale, AZ

“Lori’s personal story of suffering through, and recovery from bulimia is a compelling read and written with love and compassion for herself, and for everyone struggling with the powerful grasp of an eating disorder. Rather than Rehab not only gives you a glimpse into Lori’s struggles and victories, it is packed with powerful insights. The Freedom Exercises throughout the book and the accompanying workbook offer tools that can be used today—practical, useful suggestions, and daily steps to help suffers take back their life, and gain control over the vicious cycle of bulimia.”
– Jo Ellen Verna, Jo Verna Portraits, Phoenix, AZ

“When I first saw the title of this book, I was tempted to pass over it. I do not have an eating disorder. But after reading the flap copy and flipping through the book I realized just how applicable this book was to my life. It isn’t just for those with an eating disorder. Lori walks the reader through the maze of what creates addictions of all kinds. She does a beautiful job of helping us understand that anything and everything can be taken to an unhealthy level and become an addiction, even FaceBook! But she doesn’t leave you there. She gives you the tools to freedom from things we long to hide from ourselves and the world. And she uses games, encouragement and specific steps to do it. With kindness, empathy and fun, she helps the reader, once and for all live a healthy life, physically, mentally and emotionally. I am going to purchase several copies for loved ones. This is a great book!”
– Kimberly Benjamin, Bestselling Author, Attorney by Day, Novelist by Night

“I met Lori at an Eating Disorders Anonymous meeting a number of years ago and, even though she was still struggling, I knew she had the determination and wisdom to win this battle. I know that Rather than Rehab will help thousands recover from their eating disorders. Please trust her, read this book, and put into practice these principles. You can quit, too.”
– Anonymous

“I’m not in recovery for an eating disorder, but many of my coaching clients are, so this book interested me. It’s rare to find the level of authentic insight that Lori provides on this topic. I’m glad I picked it up because not only will it help me have more empathy for those who suffer from bulimia and to be a better coach, it has helped me see where I can even upgrade my own life! I loved it.”
– Sandra Garest, President and Lifestyle Coach of Lifebook, Chicago, IL

“We live in a paradox. We yearn for authentic connection & deep intimacy. We want to be seen, heard & accepted for who we truly are, yet we are terrified to truly be seen. In Rather than Rehab, Lori walks us through her personal journey with bulimia and addiction. Her refreshing candor and practical Freedom Exercises put the power of what’s possible into the hands of those that suffer. She not only gives hope to those stuck on the merry-go-round of what feels like a never-ending cycle, she gives you the tools to embrace your inner strength and get on with the life you were born to live. This is an absolute must-read for anyone suffering through bulimia, addiction, or an eating disorder. As Lori so powerfully writes, “You are a radical truth teller given the right timing.” The time is now. Tell your truth and free your soul.”
– Jenn Kaye, Communication and Lifestyle Coach, Speaker, and Author of Life Head-On: 6 Steps to Getting Over Yourself & On With Life, Scottsdale, AZ

“The book was great, it gives lots of helpful tips and a clear path for anyone struggling with an eating disorder. Actually the book is great for any addiction, the steps outlined would work for any addictive struggle you may be going through. The read was fast easy and helpful, I recommend it to anyone struggling with bulimia or any other addictive disorder.”
– Alicia, Amazon Reviewer

“Reading Lori’s book opened me up to the many decades of self worth issues I’ve had over the years. Her vulnerable, real and raw stories are relatable to all women. And the practical steps she shares are enormously helpful. It’s practical, real and really powerful. This book will shift your perspective, help you get out from under any disorder and change your life.”
– Steffani LeFevour, Founder and Happiness Coach at My Happi Life, River Forest, IL

“Lori’s raw exposé of her painful secret is captivating. She describes in vivid detail her own story while offering a valuable set of solutions for others. The workbook then walks you through deliberate questions, allowing you to tune into the answers you have within yourself. Rather than Rehab guides you down a path of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and your own achievable accomplishment. I have never had an eating disorder, yet I found the book to be helpful and relatable in other areas of my life, such as work addiction! Also, I know I will be using the smoothie recipe. It not only satiates hunger, it’s delicious and HEALTHY as well!”
– Abby Moneyhun, Entrepreneur, Coach, and Lover of Life, Jackson, WY

“A must read for anyone struggling with an eating disorder or their loved ones seeking to better understand the harsh realities and consequences. This book dives into the truth and hardship unlike any other. Lori designed a step-by-step approach to creating a healthy life. Being in recovery myself from drugs, I understand how much work it actually takes to change your life. I guarantee the payoffs will be far greater than your wildest dreams. You’ve got this! Let Lori assist you in creating the life you deserve.”
– Gordie Bufton, International Speaker, Author and Coach at Rich Legacy, Scottsdale, AZ

“In our age of social media and self-comparison, Lori’s brave and honest story of her path to and through addiction could not come at a more critical time. As a mother, I am grateful for this new lens of awareness, and the empowered solutions she shares for seeing, understanding, and healing addiction. Not only will this book be a life raft to true healing for those in the painful trenches of addiction, it can help us all honor the truths hidden within us. Lori’s beautiful and authentic story and voice invites us into our compassionate strength—to guide ourselves and to support each other to more healed, whole, and joyful ways of living.”
– Maria Carter, Writer and Founder, This One Life

“I’m so happy to see this information in book format! Lori was invaluable in helping me quit a brutal addiction to bulimia. It’s amazing that more people will now have access to her experience and wisdom. Lori’s process sure worked for me, and when I started working with her, I was hopeless.”

“This book has depicted eating disorders and all the feelings/emotions/struggles/fears that the individual encounters. I dealt with an eating disorder for 10+ years and know first hand how difficult it is to overcome, but also know that it is possible. I highly recommend this book to anyone still suffering. It is also reassuring just knowing you are not alone. My journey has not been easy and requires a lot of dedication and self love, but recovery is possible! There is life on the other side that is well worth the time and effort you put into healing.”
Audra Westercamp, Registered Nurse, Phoenix, AZ

“Rather than Rehab is a deeply honest and powerful portrayal of an issue that plagues our modern day world much more than we realize. Eating Disorders are killing more people each year and the veil needs to be pulled back. Rather than Rehab has the ability to help those struggling and save them valuable time and money in the healing process.”
 Libby Payne, Founder of Powerful Partnerships, Boulder, CO

Suffering from Bulimia myself, I have read many books on the topic and some have helped inform me of how the author or one of their loved one’s has over come this addiction. However, after readingRather Than Rehab: Quit Bulima & Upgrade Your Life it was the first time I felt encouraged that being free of bulimia is a possibility. Lori not only opens up about her battle, but she gives you exercises to do throughout the book that show how to start controlling the addiction, then how to eventually beat it entirely. She gives many different options for treatment/rehab and thoroughly discusses what each entails and the pro’s and cons. You learn that bulimia’s causes can vary for most of it’s victims, but the fears they have are likely the same. This book is honestly brutal by depicting the health consequences that go along with bulimia, but reassuring by teaching you to use those as weapons to fight off triggers. It depicts the story of perseverance the author took to win her own war and gives hope to many that the same outcome can and will happen for them. The recovery process can take different routes and in the end will lead those who stay dedicated to the overall path of freedom.
 Melissa, Amazon Reviewer

I have loved two people who have struggled with this incredibly difficult disease. To have a resource, by a truly insightful soul, that I can refer them to is such a gift. This author’s treatment of bulimia is raw, real, courageous and for those seeking an actionable alternative to rehab. The examples are relatable, non-judgmental, and focused on success. From her writing, I can feel the incredible battles going on side the head of her readers as she coaches them towards the inevitable decision to “let go” of their binge/purge cycle. She treats it with care, and I can feel the reader breathing easily knowing that the author is with them in the choices they are about to make. Bravo for tackling such an important topic with such clarity!
 Pamela Prior, Bestselling Author, Your First CEO

Although I have not suffered with bulimia, I have had a dysfunctional relationship with food and my body for as long as I can remember. Lori Losch laid out a clear plan that helps people stop the inner banter that keeps people stuck in a destructive cycle. Her personal story is bravely shared as an example of personal healing. It is inspiring to use the freedom exercises to better my relationship with my eating habits and my body. Thank you for writing this book!
– Anonymous, Amazon Reviewer

I am seriously blown away by this book. Whether or not you have an eating disorder, all of us have some level of pain and use something to distract ourselves from that pain, whether it be clutter, social media, food, or overwork. Lori is so kind and generous and compassionate in her message; her 10 Freedom Strategies are both highly practical and deeply nourishing. Love this book!
 Sue Rasmussen, Bestselling Author, My Desk is Driving Me Crazy

The best part about this book is that it teaches you to create a set of habits and attitudes that support your happiness, and ultimately your recovery. It applies not only to eating disorder recovery, but addiction recovery in general. I loved it!
 Kathy Miller-Kloeber, M.S., Health Coach, Massage Therapist, Fitness/ Yoga Instructor, and Personal Trainer, Scottsdale, AZ

I am so happy Lori wrote this book! I’ve seen her heal first hand through what she shares here. I think women in recovery from various addictions would benefit from the love, truth & inspiration in this book.
 Renee Airya, Coach, Speaker, and Author, Flip Your Flaws 

“Three years ago, I was trying to help a family with a child struggling with bulimia. I was exhausted and didn’t know the best resources. Things would have been very different if I had read this book. I am so grateful that Lori Losch has written this book. It is such a needed resource for so many that hide in the shadow of shame and guilt. My favorite quote from this book is “The binge/purge cycle was simply the addiction that finally broke my ego and led me to my soul.” Lori shares the wealth of knowledge about the truth behind bulimia and different healing options. It opened my eyes to understand better. I also like the Freedom Exercises at the end of each chapter as it guides readers step by step into discovering what works best for them in their journey of healing!
 Jiayuh Chyan
Amazon Reviewer

“Rather than REHAB is the ultimate hands-on resource for someone struggling with Bulimia and/or on their own road to recovery. This one woman’s step-by-step journey through her own process of recovery captures the life experience of someone dealing with Bulimia from the details of the physical to the depth of the mental with vulnerability and raw truth. Ms. Losch’s courageous and personal account details her process to recovery in a manner that is relatable while weaving in the lessons learned along her journey. “Rather than REHAB” is a compelling narrative yet a fun entertaining read as well. Her story along with her “Freedom Exercises” provide a powerful tool to the never ending merry-go-round of addiction. Having struggled personally with Bulimia for 9 years, I can attest that everything thing she writes about goes right along with my experience as well. I only wish this book was available when I first started down my road for recovery – it would’ve made THE difference. For anyone dealing with Bulimia this book is your metaphorical light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel, if you will. I highly, highly recommend this to anyone on their road to recovery or know someone who is!!!!!”
 Nick AAmazon Reviewer

This book is helping me so much. I’m finally going days without B&P. Lori writes like she is your friend. She is honest and bares her soul. It’s so helpful knowing I’m not alone. I highly recommend this book. There is nothing else out there like it.
 AnonymousAmazon Reviewer

Just wanted to let you know that I have watched so so so many videos on how to stop binging and purging and none have helped. Your book has helped me more in 2 days then anyone has. I ate intuitively yesterday all day and didn’t binge and today I made it until now when I went to the kitchen with the intentions to binge and once I started I had a few things then I just thought “I’m satisfied” which I’ve never thought that before. Because of you each day in recovery I’m getting better.