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It's never too late for you to dream a new dream
Starting treatment for meth addiction is the first step towards regaining control of your life. The specalists at Miracles Asia will guide you through your detox process, provide ongoing support, and help you develop the skills and strategies needed to achieve lasting recovery.

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You Can Live A Happy & Joyous Life

If you are using meth, you've likely lost control of its use... 

In fact, it's probably taken over your daily life - or certain aspects of it at the very least.

Meth is among the most serious and vicious of drug addictions. It consumes almost all of your thoughts, actions, and life decisions. 

As bleak as that sounds, its important that you know there is a way for you to regain control of your life - and, most importantly, knowing that you are not in the fight alone....

By starting the process of looking for a drug rehab program, you are already making positive steps towards the path of enjoying a long term recovery.
Key Takeaways
Miracles Asia takes a holistic approach to addiction treatment and addresses underlying psychological issues as well as physical wellness.
Support groups, psychotherapy, yoga, Thai massage, and exercise are all integral parts of the treatment program.
Ongoing treatment and Aftercare ensures that guests have the best chance at living their lives free of addiction.

Drug Addiction Specialists

Miracles Asia began in 2017 with mostly meth users as its clientele. Since then dozens of meth users have come through our doors and are living happy, productive lives without the handcuffs and horrors of methamphetamine abuse.

Deciding to ask for help to get rid of this huge weight on your life will be the best decision you’ve made.

You will recover and you will get better.

Meth can be tricky, because it often makes you paranoid and self-involved - meaning you might think in your meth use that you are smarter and more capable.

The drug distorts reality.

It might have you thinking that police are creeping around your house, or in the other direction, that you are about to solve world hunger. 

Meth users in all sorts of stages, from CEO’s to business owners to creatives, come to Miracles Asia to get better and move forward in their lives without the debilitating meth addiction attached.

In fact, more people would say it is near impossible to move forward in your life while continuing to use meth. 

Even if you are still functioning at work and getting paid, you have probably noticed the quality of your work getting worse over time with your meth use. 

Some people have a fast implosion to hit rock bottom, while others experience a more graduale decline as their drug abuse gets more control over your life.

Regardless of how it's effected your past, Miracles Asia is ready to help give you the future that you want and one that you deserve. 

Your First Time

You probably began using meth as a way to be more productive, get high, or escape. 

It likely worked and made you happy in the beginning. 

Maybe other drugs began to have less and less of an effect, and you start taking larger doses more frequently to experience the same intense rush that produces high energy, focus and euphoria.

You likely used other drugs before you arrived at meth, but either way, once you found it - it made you think this is where your life is the happiest it can be. 

But, just like other substances, you are now far past the peak of its use - meaning the good times have long ended, and it's time to move on with your life. 

The best place to do it is within a treatment centre that handles drug abuse and mental health. A place that will give you lasting recovery through a range of treatment approaches.

Detoxing From Meth At Miracles Asia

Withdrawal is a natural part of the treatment and the early recovery process, but it is not the same for everyone. 

Likewise, addiction treatment programs are not the same for every person and drug. 

Meth is one of the hardest stimulant drugs to detox from, which is a significant reason for you to consider doing in an environment where you are surrounded by professionals & peers who can not only help

Upon arrival at Miracles Asia, all clients will receive a comprehensive assessment; any hospitalization that is needed for the detoxification process is undertaken at one of our partnering, internationally accredited private hospitals. 

Our team have decades of combined experience helping meth users comfortably get clean and adjust to life without substance abuse.
You will be watched over by a physician, clinician, therapists, and counselors to make sure you are safe and healthy.
You will be treated with patience and love as you regain your energy after the meth leaves your body.
You will also experience nutritional cooking from a world-class chef - which your body sorely needs to recover from drug abuse.
Get clean in a comfortable place that will keep you clean, and then show you how to stay sober after leaving. 

You will receive aftercare to make sure you are supported for months after you leave Miracles Asia. Between preparing for your return and the aftercare, you will be excited to get back into life with the new version of yourself who you probably haven't seen in a long time.

Effective Treatment That Will Prevent Relapse

Battling within your own head to defeat meth use or any substance abuse is very common, but it has an almost zero percent chance of success. 

Addiction treatment at Miracles Asia focuses on all aspects of the recovery process.

The first part is detox, which will be comfortable and easy - relative to doing it alone on the outside. 

Common symptoms that you might experience during the detox phase are

You will be made comfortable during this part and patiently guided back to baseline. It may take 3-6 days depending on the last time you used before entering the rehab for the the withdrawal symptoms to subside.
Increased appetite.
Loss of motivation.
Stomach aches.
You will be made comfortable during this part and patiently guided back to baseline. 

It may take 3-6 days depending on the last time you used before entering the rehab for the the withdrawal symptoms to subside.

Once The Detox Ends, The Happiness Can Begin

The time immediately after detox is one of the most exciting parts of recovery.. 

You will immediately begin to experience the joys of sobriety. You will be able to genuinely laugh again. 

Do you remember laughing?

You will be free to be yourself and start socializing and enjoying yourself in this beautiful treatment center in sunny Phuket Thailand, amongst other former meth users and addicts.

During the addiction treatment program, you will connect with other newly sober persons from around the world who are also there for drug and alcohol addiction.

And now, once the physical symptoms have mostly settled, you can start working with the counselors, attending therapy sessions, yoga, group outings - and experiencing all the other treatment methods which make Miracles Asia a supercharged recovery.

Substance Abuse and Methamphetamine

The way meth works on the brain is similar to other stimulants, in that when you smoke it, snort it, or inject it, meth produces huge amounts of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine that lead to euphoria, a massive increase in energy, and feelings of being untouchable.

The rush from meth is typically stronger than cocaine and other "uppers", which makes it more addictive than those substances. 

Miracles Asia is among few treatment centers around the world that specialize in meth treatment, and we are known globally as a treatment provider that will get you back into everyday life, free of meth use.

Because of the severity of abusing meth, mental health disorders can be a concern for newly sober addicts in treatment centers. 

While there typically isn't an immediate threat of death from withdrawal symptoms such as in alcohol addiction, the mental health side effects make it very important to watch your symptoms during the first week.

What to Expect At A Meth Rehab Clinic in Thailand

Addiction recovery and meth treatment might seem to you like a daunting experience. Seeking help for substance abuse can be among the scariest experiences in life, even when you know you're going to a Thailand rehab.

Deciding to get help for drug and alcohol addiction - in any form - is a big change. And any big change can be frightening.

Remember to take it easy on yourself and don't think too far into the future. 

The future will be hard to imagine until you are immersed in the drug rehab and your mental health has stabilized. 

Miracles Asia makes sure the natural beauty of sober living takes hold during your first week in the drug rehab.

Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

The symptoms of meth withdrawal can vary from person to person. 

The severity of the side effects depends on a number of factors, including the length of time the individual used meth, the amount of meth they used, how frequently they used, and whether they engaged in polydrug use and also abused other substances.

Additionally, other factors, such as the method used to consume the drug, can affect withdrawal. 

Those who inject meth will typically experience a longer, more intense withdrawal process than those who don't.

Holistic Treatments For Addiction Treatment

One of the characteristics that separate Miracles Asia from most treatment centers is its focus on a holistic approach and mental health disorders. 

Our qualified western therapists will help you approach underlying psychological issues and create a strong foundation for your mental health.

Support groups - the connections with your peers from all over the world - is also an important part of your treatment plan. 

The progression of your mental health to a point of happiness is part of the super-charged healing process that happens at Miracles Asia. 

Yoga and nature walks in the morning, combined with psychotherapy, Thai massage, and exercise - are integral parts of the drug rehab program.

The Success Rate Of Our Meth Rehab Program

All of these addiction treatment approaches will help to get your brain back to base-line.

Going to meth rehab gives your brain the chance to re-establish its own brain chemicals so that you can feel happy naturally again. 
Miracles Asia is a fully certified meth addiction rehab in Thailand with a 85% success rate for clients who stay longer than 60 days.
Our experienced staff are experts in managing the symptoms of meth withdrawal and will help create a safe and nurturing environment to get you started on the road to recovery.

When you come to Miracles Asia on the beautiful island of Phuket you'll find yourself in a small, exclusive and luxurious villa with a family feel to it. 

You'll be amongst your peers and made to feel entirely at home.

We see you as more than your addiction. We recognise your unique strengths, potential and challenges. 

Your meth addiction treatment is personalised to suit you, the individual. 

Our aim is to treat the whole person, and that entails addressing any other mental-health issues as well as your physical wellness.

When you leave us you'll be not only clean and sober, you'll be in good shape to live a full and healthier life without the need for meth or other substances

Your Ongoing Addiction Treatment

We understand that early recovery from meth addiction can be a stressful time. 

While you're in treatment in Thailand, you don't have to think about life after rehab. You're cocooned in the safety of the treatment center where your every need is catered for. 

Because of this, returning back to life at home can seem daunting for some guests.

But just like the detox and treatment, the Miracles Asia staff will guide you through your return and make sure you adjust properly. 

Our commitment to you and your addiction treatment doesn't end when you leave the residential rehab program.

The aftercare support program will keep you in regular contact with your therapist who will see you for one-to-one sessions by Zoom at least once per week. 

These sessions are important so that we can make sure you're still on-track in your recovery and your drug and alcohol use doesn't start again.

Not only will you have one-to-one counseling, but also our ongoing group counseling sessions will keep you connected to your peer group, some of whom you may form life-long attachments with. 

The experienced group facilitator's job is to check in with you all and spend time making sure you're on track with your recovery. 

You may have questions and the facilitator will be happy to answer questions and provide the necessary psychoeducation and relapse prevention planning. And as always, give you confidential advice.

Research shows that the longer the recovering person stays connected to a treatment program, the better the outcome i.e. the longer he or she works alongside professional counselors, therapists, recovery coaches etc, the better the chance of long-term recovery from meth addiction. 

We take your treatment plan very seriously and want the best for you, so for that reason we know it's important to stay in touch. 

You deserve the best chance at living your best life.

Living an addiction-free life is absolutely possible, and we at Miracles Asia are proof of that ourselves. 

We know what it's like to recover & we are ready to help you achieve it as well. 

Click the button on this page to speak with our admissions team, and make the move to get your life back.

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