Considering rehab abroad and need answers? We've prepared a detailed list of questions that are most often asked by individuals and their loved ones seeking help for addiction.
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The decision to seek professional help for addiction at a residential rehab facility is a big deal...

For individuals, taking that first step toward facing your addiction shows you understand there is a problem, one that you are not able to solve alone. But, with so many forms of treatment available, it can be overwhelming to pin down which type of treatment is going to be the most effective for you and your own unique situation.

For loved ones, seeking help for a family member or friend, it's often just as overwhelming as you are not only trying to find the best treatment available while dealing with an unpredictable or explosive situation, you may have a limited understanding of what the person is really going through.

Most of the team at Miracles Asia are in long-term, active recovery themselves. This means you will be supported by people who have been through the same rollercoaster of emotions that you are on right now.

On this page, you will find answers to most of the common questions that guests at Miracles Asia ask prior to their arrival. We've also added a few some of our alumni wished they had known to ask before starting treatment at other facilities in order to ensure that the root cause of their addiction would be addressed.

Let's dive in...

Travel Questions

The top 6 questions our guests ask about traveling to Thailand for addiction treatment.
Where Is Miracles Asia Located?
Miracles Asia is located in Phuket, a small island in southern Thailand. Our facility is on the northeastern side of the island, in a quiet area primarily rural and far away from sites famous for tourists and nightlife.

How Do I Get To Thailand?
Most countries do have direct flights to Phuket; however, if this is not an option from your home country, you can fly to Bangkok International Airport, then take a domestic flight to Phuket, which takes about 90 minutes.

Do I Need A Visa?
Your visa requirements will depend on your individual passport and home country. Generally speaking, a Tourist Visa, which allows you to enter Thailand for tourism, short visits, or medical needs, is sufficient for the duration of your treatment.

Are The Cost Of Flights Included?
No. Guests are responsible for airfare and any other travel-related expenses incurred as they make their way to the facility.

How Do I Get To Miracles Asia From The Airport?
All guests receive a VIP transfer package to make their travel seamless. This service has several features, including being greeted as you step off the plane by an official who will guide you through the airport and a fast-track immigration area so you avoid any long waiting times.

What If I've Detoxed & Worried About Drinking On The Plane?
It's not uncommon for guests to be a little anxious about the potential triggers of traveling, especially if you've recently completed a detox and feel like you may relapse before your arrival. But, equally, there are several dangerous withdrawal symptoms for alcoholics who stop drinking suddenly.

If you are concerned about being able to arrive safely, you can speak with our Admissions Team, who will help to address all aspects to make sure that you arrive ready to start your treatment.

Is There A Pickup Service?
Yes, if your health or other factors are a barrier to you being able to travel safely, we can arrange for a member of the Clinical Team to pick you up. Additional charges will apply.

Our Clinical Team has traveled as far as Portugal to assist a guest with passport renewals and visa applications and flying to Thailand to begin treatment.

Payment Questions

The top 7 things people ask about the cost of addiction treatment in Thailand.
How Much Does Treatment Cost?
You can find the total cost of our treatment program in our Info Kit, available for download, or by contacting our Admissions Team.
How Can I Pay For My Treatment?
We accept bank transfers, credit cards, and PayPal. 

Can I Pre-Book And Reserve My Room?
Absolutely. You can speak to the Admissions Team about the available deposit options.

Do You Accept Insurance?
However, as most guests are from outside Thailand, speaking with your provider is vital to ensure coverage. In most cases, for claiming insurance, guests pay in full before arrival and claim the total costs back through their insurance provider.

Can I Pay Via Installments?
Deposit options are available before arrival. However, you must pay the total amount to begin the program.

How Much Spending Money Should I Bring?
Generally speaking, most guests can manage on as little as $35-$50 per week for snacks, cigarettes, extra massages, and other incidental expenses.

Will There Be Any Extra Costs?
Generally speaking, the program's cost is fully inclusive; however, please discuss your situation with the Admissions Team, as things like hospitalized detox, extra psychiatrist sessions, and medication may incur additional charges.

Program & Treatment Questions

7 things people ask about the residential program at Miracles Asia.
Can I See The Schedule?
Yes. There is an example schedule in the Info Kit which is available as a free download, as well as being available on the Program page. 

Can I Continue My Existing Treatment Plan?
The Clinical Team will assess your existing treatment plan during your admissions process & can engage with current providers as needed.

How Many 1 On 1 Therapy Sessions Do I Get?
All guests receive 2 x 1-hour individual sessions with our therapists each week.

Can I Have Extra Therapy Sessions?
Yes, however, this is subject to the approval of the Clinical Team.

How Many Other Guests Are There?
We limit the number of guests to a maximum of 15 people to ensure you receive the level of individual and personalized attention you need to overcome your addiction.

How Much Free Time Will I Have?
Throughout each day the number of classes and activities is balanced for each guest to ensure there’s ample time to learn, study and rest. In general, there is an average of 3-4 hours of free time per day.

What Happens After I Leave?
All guests receive an additional 60 days of 1 on one support from the Clinical Team via our Aftercare program. You can also remain in contact with everyone at the facility via morning and evening Zoom meetings.

Technology Access Questions

4 of the most common questions people ask us about using their devices at our rehab in Thailand.
Am I Able To Bring My Phone And Laptops?
Yes, however, depending on the type of treatment you are receiving, the Clinical Team may place time limitations on usage.

Can I Attend Business Meetings?
Yes, you will be able to attend important business meetings; however, the time and availability need to be discussed and approved by the Clinical Team so as to maintain your treatment.

How Fast Is The WiFi?
The internet connection speed via WiFi averages between 250 to 300 Mbps download and 80 to 100 Mbps upload in each facility area.

Can I Bring My Gaming Devices?
No, as these tend to isolate guests in their rooms.

Essential and Restricted Items

A few of the most common things that guests ask if they can and can't bring to Miracles Asia.
What Should I Bring With Me?
Prescription Medication
Personal Mementos
Casual Clothing
Exercise Clothing
Personal Hygiene Items
Personal Devices & Computers
Spending Money
Is There Anything I Should NOT Bring?
Alcohol and other drugs.
Pornographic material.
Weapons of any kind.
Musical instruments.
Herbal products and vitamins.
Excessive makeup & jewelry.
Offensive or revealing clothing.
For a more comprehensive list of items you can or cannot bring, we recommend you review the Admissions Process or speak with our Admissions team directly for items you may have further questions about.

General Questions

More questions that guests may ask prior to starting rehab in Thailand.
Can I Have Visitors?
Yes, visitors are allowed however the time, duration and frequency of these are at the discretion of the Clinical Team.

Am I Able To Leave The Facility?
Yes, throughout the program, all guests have supervised time outside of the facility at various points of the week, including:

Morning walks.
Thanyapura 3 times per week.
Attending local beach meetings.
Visits to shopping centers.
Thai Massage sessions.
Excursions each weekend.
Is There A Place To Exercise?
Yes, in addition to visiting the Sports & Wellness center, there is a small gym onsite where guests can use the running and elliptical machines, as well as some available weights.

Will My Dietary Needs Be Catered For?
Yes, of course. Our Executive Chef will be able to assist you with any special requirements you may have. Please ensure you discuss it when you contact the our Admissions Team prior to your arrival.

How Many Thai Massages Will I Get Each Week?
All clients recieve 1 Thai massage every week for the duration of their program. This is normally scheduled on Friday or Saturday afternoons.

Can I Book Extra Massages?
Yes, you are able to schedule additional massages at Thanyapura. Guests often mix their exercise time with extra massages or seeing Physiotherapists, Chiropractors or other health professionals that the facility offers its guests.

When Can I Go Shopping?
Every Wednesday all guests are able to visit the local supermarket for their personal items. There's also plenty of shopping opportunities on the weekend excursions that take you to different areas of the island.

What Is The Weather Like?
Miracles Asia is in Phuket, Thailand, so the weather is usually incredible. The warm, tropical climate on the island ranges from 18 to 40 degrees depending on the time of year, with the hottest periods experienced between March and April.

My question isn't listed...

Should you have questions or concerns about any aspect of the services we provide to our guests here at Miracles Asia, feel free to contact our Admissions Team using the options on this page & they will be more than happy to assist you.

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