Residential Rehab in Phuket, Thailand

Get To The Root Cause Of Your Addiction
Experience the transformative power of recovery in the beautiful surroundings of Phuket, Thailand. Our dedicated team of professionals provides compassionate, effective addiction treatment tailored to each guest's unique needs.

More Than Just Another Treatment Center

The Last Rehab You Will Ever Need

The aim of our program is to get you healthy and equip you with the knowledge, tools, and a strong support network that will empower you to manage your addiction for a lifetime after your stay with us in Thailand.

Primary Care Addiction Treatment

Program Overview
Miracles Asia's residential rehab program will help you achieve long-lasting freedom from addiction.

We tailor the program to the individual needs of each guest, with a focus on ensuring that they don't need to return to a residential rehab center ever again. Now, that doesn't mean everyone gets cured of their addictions upon checking out, but we can show you a way of life that will enable you to live a life free from addiction.

Read on to learn more about each aspect of our program and see what you will experience during your stay with us in Phuket, Thailand.

Medical Checkups

Restore Balance to Your Body
During your initial week at Miracles Asia, or when ready, you'll take a brief excursion with our staff and fellow guests to a nearby state-of-the-art international private hospital for a complete body health check-up.

This unparalleled feature of our rehab program provides access to a vast selection of services, including detailed blood tests, MRI scans, EEG, and eye examinations, as well as ultrasounds and x-rays at the leading medical facility in Thailand.
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Medical Detox

Individual Detox Plans
At Miracles Asia, we provide a custom detox program that is tailored to each guest's specific symptoms & needs, including:
Your substance of choice.
Initial withdrawal symptoms.
Potential health risks.
In addition, our qualified and certified Clinical team can handle many detox cases on-site.

In cases where severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms are present, the Clinical Team may refer you to our partner hospital nearby as a precaution against seizures. For cases where a higher level of care is deemed necessary, you may need to stay at the hospital to ensure that any symptoms or health concerns are dealt with effectively and safely. Additional charges may apply.
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Individual therapy 

Private 1-on-1 Tailored Therapy Sessions
Every week, you'll engage in at least 2 x 1-hour individualized therapy sessions with your therapist, addressing the core issues behind your addiction and the disruption it has caused throughout your life.

For some guests, these private one-on-one sessions are the first time they have had the opportunity to express themselves openly and feel genuinely understood. 

As you progress through these sessions, you will discuss your addiction, life experiences, and any changes in your thinking, behavior patterns, or perceptions in a completely confidential environment.

Expert Psychiatric Support

Managing Your Medication
For your recovery to be successful and long-lasting, it is essential that you are prescribed the proper medications with the correct dosages that will support you in your journey, not hinder it, which is why we include access to our psychiatrist, who specializes in addiction for the duration of your stay at Miracles Asia.

Reviewing any existing prescriptions, you are currently taking and how these medications interact with your substance of choice makes it common for guests to experience an almost immediate sense of relief when suitable adjustments are made.

Please note that there are additional costs for psychiatric consultations; however, most guests find that just 1 or 2 sessions are more than enough to feel noticeable improvements in their overall mental and physical health.
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Thailand's Premier Treatment Program

Get to the root cause of your addiction

More than 85% of our long-term guests remain in full & active recovery

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insight into Addiction
Each day you will be able to participate in a 1-hour focus group where you learn everything from how addiction works and its impact on your life. 

Through psychoeducation, the team at Miracles Asia will enhance your understanding of addiction and its effects on your thinking, emotions, and behavior.

These comprehensive groups will empower you to take charge of your recovery by providing practical techniques and practices to help you identify and manage your thought patterns, behaviors, and triggers. 

In addition, by gaining a deeper understanding of addiction and its consequences, you will be better equipped to navigate the challenges of recovery and maintain lasting change in your life.

Relapse Prevention

Fortify Your Sobriety
In regular sessions with your personal recovery coach, you will create a tailored relapse prevention plan that identifies risks and potential triggers related specifically to you and your environment so that you can stay clean and sober when you return home.

This essential component of the Miracles Asia addiction treatment program ensures that the knowledge and information you learn during your stay with us is customized to your unique situation & can be applied in your daily life for years to come.

12-Step & Group Meetings

Connect with a Supportive Community
At Miracles Asia, we understand that recovery is not a journey you must take alone. That's why we offer daily morning and evening group sessions, where you can connect with other guests and alums who understand what you're going through.

In the morning sessions, held after breakfast, you'll have the chance to share your feelings and hear from others about their experiences with addiction and recovery. From 7 pm, you'll have the opportunity to hear from an extensive range of international recovery speakers who share their personal and inspiring stories of overcoming addiction.

In addition to these sessions, you'll also have the chance to attend a local recovery meeting on one of Phuket's most beautiful beaches. During these beach meetings, you will connect with like-minded people who have faced similar struggles and whom you'll be able to gain additional support and encouragement from on your journey to recovery.

Therapeutic Exercise

Miracles In Motion
Exercise doesn't only help improve and maintain your physical health, it also plays a vital role in enhancing your mental health and well-being.

During your stay at Miracles Asia, you will have unrestricted access to the world-class sports and health center, named Thanyapura Phuket, for 2 hours, three times each week. With its wide range of services focused on health, sports, and lifestyle enhancement, this world-class facility provides our guests with the perfect environment to focus on rebuilding their minds and body.

Whether you prefer to swim, lift weights, have an extra Thai massage, or enjoy a relaxing sauna session, Thanyapura has everything you need to get your body in top condition.

Nutritious Meals

Gourmet Meals To Elevate Your Recovery
Our team includes a 5-star executive chef and an experienced hospitality team who will take care of your culinary needs and ensure that you get the right balance of nutrients needed for a fast and safe start to your recovery.

The menu at Miracles Asia features a range of Thai and Western dishes that are delicious and great for repairing the damage that addiction may have caused to your body over the years.

If you have any special dietary requirements, please mention them to the Admissions Manager during your assessment calls.

Simple Admissions process

Take a Breath & reach out

Schedule your FREE and 100% confidential assessment with our Admissions Team to secure your place at Miracles Asia.

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Excursions & Activities

Inspiriring Sunday Adventures Await
Every Sunday, we invite our guests on a day of rejuvenation and exploration as we venture out to experience the best Phuket offers. From serene boat trips that showcase the island's stunning coastline to invigorating jungle walks that allow you to reconnect with nature, our thoughtfully curated excursions complement your treatment and support your ongoing recovery.

You will be able to experience Phuket's rich history and diverse culture as you visit popular tourist attractions such as the awe-inspiring Big Buddha and the experience the charm of Old Phuket Town first-hand.

These outings don't only serve as a refreshing break from the daily routine of the rehab program; they also provide invaluable opportunities to forge new friendships, practice self-care, and enable you to rediscover the joy in life that you may have long forgotten.

Confidential Information

The Healing Power Of Support
The support and understanding of family, friends, and loved ones can tremendously affect the success of overcoming addiction. At Miracles Asia, we are committed to fostering these connections and helping you maintain or even repair existing relationships during your stay with us.

With your approval, our Clinical Team and administration staff can establish secure communication channels with whomever you nominate. 

These channels ensure that those closest to you remain informed and involved in your progress, strictly receiving only the specific information you choose to share with them. 

Of course, if you'd prefer to keep the information confidential, our Clinical Team will maintain firm boundaries in any communication.

Continuing Care & Support

Secure Your Recovery
At Miracles Asia, we understand that our guests' journey to a life free from addiction doesn't end with completing the residential program, which is why we've designed a dynamic Aftercare program that helps you maintain your sobriety.

On completion of your residential rehab program, you'll continue to be supported by Miracles Asia in several ways, including:
One-on-one sessions with your dedicated Support Staff once a week for two months.
Ongoing support and encouragement from the Miracles Asia team and our thriving alumni community.
Lifetime access to morning and evening meetings for as long as you need.
For those seeking an even higher level of support post-discharge, a wide range of optional solutions are available, including options to continue one-on-one sessions with your therapist or receive additional guidance in Relapse Prevention & Addiction Free Living through our Mirales@Home program.

Weekly Schedule

Immersive Days To Unlock Your Potential
Your path to a successful recovery is best navigated through a structured, enriching, and holistic approach to your days. Our carefully designed schedule ensures that your days are filled with educational opportunities, invaluable guidance from leading medical professionals, and time for reflection.

You can see a snapshot of a typical week at Miracles Asia using the button below, where you'll see there is a harmonious balance between therapy sessions, workshops, group meetings, and recreational activities that helps to foster your personal growth, promote resilience, as well as equip you with the insights necessary to maintain your sobriety long after you've left our care.
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Start your recovery in Thailand

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Our team of addiction experts are ready to help you reclaim your life, and achieve a lasting recovery.

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