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Your Recovery is not a solo mission
Miracles Asia offers personalized addiction treatment programs that are designed to help individuals overcome their dependence on porn. As the leading addiction rehab in Thailand, we are here and ready to show you or your loved one the path to a long-term recovery, and a happier life.
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Why Choose Miracles Asia
Miracles Asia offers a highly personalized addiction treatment program with a proven track record of success since 2017.
Guests are able to choose from 30, 60 or 90 day treatment packages, that includes an additional 60 days of Aftercare so you remain supported when returning home.
All guests have their own private pool access room with 5 star facilities.

What Is Porn Addiction and How to Overcome It?

There's an ongoing dispute on whether pornography addiction can be classified as an actual addiction.

However, while addiction to porn has not yet been qualified as a diagnosable mental health disorder, more people report struggling with excessive porn use, describing it as looking similar to other addictions.

From our experience, people can become addicted to pornography in much the same way they can become addicted to drugs.

For some people, watching porn becomes a way to manage their emotional pain to the point where it eventually replaces important relationships and commitments.

This kind of sexual behavioral addiction often leads people to avoid the vulnerability of real-life intimacy.

The wide availability of internet porn has made this type of compulsive sexual behavior even more prevalent and problematic for more people.

And while it might be difficult to recognize porn addiction, letting it take over your life can lead to some extremely negative consequences for you and your loved ones.

When porn addiction becomes disruptive to your life, a well-structured and correctly delivered rehab program can help you return to a healthier lifestyle.

And that is where Miracles Asia can help. If you believe you're struggling with porn abuse, our pornography addiction treatment program will help you retake control of your life.

Led by trained staff, you will be welcomed to an environment that has proven results and has real world experiences how to cure porn addiction  but begin your journey into full recovery and happier life.

Get in touch with our Clinical Team to learn how Miracles Asia can help with treating porn addiction and other compulsive sexual behaviors. Visit our rehabilitation treatment center in Thailand and let us help you start a new life.

How To Know I'm Addicted To Porn?

Porn addiction can be difficult to diagnose. After all, watching porn doesn't need to necessarily lead to any extensive issues.

However, once you notice you start using pornography more and more excessively, it might be a sign you've developed a porn addiction. If you believe that might be the issue, look out for the following porn addiction-related symptoms:
You watch porn more and more excessively;
You are unable to stop watching porn despite numerous tries;
Porn starts interfering with your sexual relationships - you experience a less satisfying sex life and an inability to perform in bed without pornographic stimulation;
You let watching pornography interfere with your responsibilities and family life;
You use pornography to help cope with stress and mental disorders (depression, anxiety, sleeping disorders, etc.);
Experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, such as irritation or mood swings when unable to watch porn.
If you notice any of the above symptoms, it's a high chance you've developed a pornography addiction.

In that case, it's necessary to seek treatment immediately, as addiction to porn, like substance abuse or sex addiction, only worsens with time, leading to even more severe consequences.

Treating Your Pornography Addiction

People of all ages have recovered from porn addiction at Miracles Asia. 

We provide an accepting environment so that you can heal without judgment & we understand this is a compulsion you may not have a lot of control over at the moment.

That's okay.

We're not here to judge. We're here to help you treat porn addiction, guiding and providing you with all the resources you need for a successful treatment and recovery.

At Miracles Asia, we specialize in helping people who are suffering from all kinds of addictions as well as co-occurring mental health disorders. Whether it's alcohol addiction, drug addiction, sex addiction, or porn addiction, we have the facilities and expertise to help you retake your life.

It is possible to repair your life and relationships you might have damaged over recent months or years as you gain a greater insight into the reasons why you've turned watching porn into an escape.

It is possible to have your pornography addiction treated. Join our porn addiction treatment program and see how.

Finding The Root Cause

Our porn addiction treatment center in Thailand provides a vehicle for healing the past for the internet porn addict. 

First, we complete an initial evaluation to determine your overall physical and mental health. 

From there, your therapist will work with you to create the most effective treatment plan for your unique case.

At Miracles Asia, we believe in an individual approach to addiction treatment. That's what makes our rehabilitation facility unique, being one of the key reasons for our incredibly high success rates.

Many porn addicts suffer from underlying psychological issues such as depression, anxiety or low self-esteem.

Similar to sex addicts, people with online porn addiction often also have early life trauma as well. It might be something that's never been talked about to anyone before and often is the primary reason behind their addiction to porn.

Over time, porn addicts learn to use sexual imagery not for pleasure but as a way to dissociate from uncomfortable feelings. Viewing pornographic material becomes the default response for dealing with life stressors.

Our psychodynamic therapy for porn addiction addresses the compulsive behaviors surrounding porn addiction and looks at the underlying issues that fuel it. 

A brief overview of what your personalized treatment program at Miracles Asia will include:
Acknowledging common contributors to intimacy disorders such as deep-rooted attachment, enmeshment, neglect, and trauma issues that typically begin in early childhood.
Exploring the fear of vulnerability that may have prevented you from being present in intimate relationships.
Looking at ways past pain made you want to self-protect by getting lost in the fictional scene of porn.
Owning up to problems in current relationships.
Recognizing how addiction has impacted your personal and work life.
Learning to distinguish the fantasy life led through porn from real life relationships.

Treatment For Co-Occurring Issues

At Miracles Asia, we address dual diagnosis, also called co-occurring mental health disorders. 

During your stay in our Thai facility, you may find that the compulsive behaviors and dysfunctional thought patterns that led to porn addiction are also responsible for other behavioral addictions.

Your pornography-addictive behavior may be complicated by these co-occurring mental illnesses. 

At our porn addiction treatment center, we offer therapies such as:
Borderline personality disorder treatment program.
Depression treatment program.
Anxiety disorder treatment program.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder treatment program.
A drug rehab program.
Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment.

What To Expect When You Start Porn Addiction Treatment

No matter your gender, you will receive specific treatment that’s 100% tailored to your own individual situation.

You’ll have private conversations with our Admissions and Clinical Team that dive into things like your childhood history and future goals prior to arrival.

The team will use this information to set up a custom plan for when you arrive, and you’ll have more detailed information provided in person throughout your stay.

Everyone has different backgrounds, circumstances and reasons for turning to porn, which means for any treatment to be effective, it must be targeted to the individual.

Some general topics you might cover during your stay may include:
Discussing the childhood trauma that might've contributed to your addiction.
Learn new communication and relationship skills.
Develop new skills for self-soothing and coping.
Learn to create genuine intimacy.
Develop greater self-esteem.

Overview Of Your Porn Addiction Therapy

Inpatient porn addiction treatment may be needed for long-term recovery, particularly if you have co-occurring issues. 

Your first step is to find sobriety from porn. You will find it much easier in the calming and remote surroundings of our Thai rehab center.

During this phase, you will learn to manage electronic devices and television access to maintain your recovery once you're ready to return home, ensuring you don't return to the vicious cycle of watching internet pornography.

At Miracles Asia, you’ll address emotional issues and trauma in a safe space, surrounded by people with similar issues. 

You will be supported through counseling and porn addiction therapy, as well as experiencing therapies such as:
Porn addiction support group meetings.
Individual counseling sessions that include modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy.
Psychoeducation sessions.
Trauma-focused therapy.
Miracles Asia treatment center also offers a family therapy program to help repair damaged relationships. 

Porn addiction can have a devastating impact on your loved ones, so it is important that we also care for your family system so they understand what led you to where you are now and the structure needed in your lives once you've been discharged from your porn addiction rehab in Thailand.

Why Choose Miracles Asia?

Miracles Asia is the leading rehab center in Thailand that provides high-quality treatment for all types of addiction. 

With group sizes capped at just 15 people, you will receive individualized, one-to-one care that’s completely focused on your own situation. 

Our success rate for long-term guests is more than 85%, which puts us among the best addiction treatment facilities on the planet.

During your stay, you will connect with a multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals and be provided with an extensive plan for relapse prevention so you remain free from addiction long after you leave the center.

Your recovery program will include the skills needed for better self-care, and you will have a toolbox of techniques for dealing with any compulsions or triggers you face in the real world.

Additionally, the Clinical Team will always be available if you need some support in the future.
Miracles Asia considers all clients as family, and that connection doesn't stop after your 30, 60 or 90-day stay with us.
Are you ready to change your life for the better?

The most difficult step is the first one, and you've already done that.

Searching treatment for porn addiction is a huge achievement, but now it's time to take the next step - getting in touch with us.

You are not alone, and there are people ready to guide you through this difficult time. 

Use the options on this page to speak directly with a trained addiction specialist, and let’s get you feeling more confident and in control of your addiction so that you can live a happier, healthier life that's 100% porn-free.

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